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Balanced Scorecard and GIMSI® Method (Part 3)

19 May 2022   By   Share

Using the Balanced Scorecard and GIMSI®

GIMSI® & Balanced Scorecard BSC

There was a time when we thought that it was possible to combine GIMSI and Balanced Scorecard. Balanced Scorecards were used to identify and profile the strategy under the principle of causality formulated with the now well known Strategy Maps.

Gimsi®: an Approach Focused on Proactivity

If Balanced Scorecard places consistency and normality as fundamental, GIMSI method is much more focused on the reactivity and proactivity of the organization by cultivating the accountability of all the players, without waiving the requirements of global coherence.

Building Dashboards

GIMSI method was then conducted to build the practical system of dashboards. I had indeed assisted to an experience going in this direction. Rather attractive, it seemed to bear fruit in the short term. With hindsight, to be clear and honest, we must admit that it was just a textbook case with a almost converted audience.

It is difficult to learn from it without admitting that the cards were flawed, the philosophy of both methods led astray. To my knowledge, I do not think that the experiment was reproduced. In any case, it was not documented.

Anyway, it is clear that both methods are totally incompatible. The Balanced Scorecard is an interventionist method. It is based on a behavioral and centralizing tendency principle trying to simplify the complexity in a formal approach of exhaustive causality.

The GIMSI method is a cooperative approach focusing on a smooth integration in an ambient complexity. It is based on a simple and natural accountability, autonomy and communication of all players, full decision-makers. The three features are inseparable.

Each decision-maker is a point of mastering complexity. The Balanced Scorecard method only works in a pyramid and hierarchical scheme. GIMSI method is more suitable for "flat" cooperative-type structures, encouraging initiative and lateral exchanges.

As a last remark, it is recommended to the enthusiasts of the Balanced Scorecard methodology not to let themselves be too much forward led by the orthodoxy of the designers.

Thus, it may be a good idea to associate a particular interest in areas that are not differentiated in the method, taking place however at the forefront in the chain of value creation, such as the network suppliers, information system or the importance of the opinion of the public (weight of ethics), as well as the related concepts of the sustainable development.

For many companies, competitive advantage is directly dependent on the care attached to these areas. By not differentiating them, it is simply impossible to build these winning strategies.

What is a performance dashboard?

A performance dashboard is not a checking instrument anymore.
It is performance measurement tool, a key to progress approach.

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