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Performance Indicators for Decision-Makers

19 May 2022   By   Share
The Cooperative Performance Dashboard is meant for management controllers and project managers as well as a wider audience of decision-makers.

A 10 milestones road map for a Cooperative Performance Dashboard

Content : New performance indicators for decision-makers...

Part 1 : Running a business means making assessments

  • 1. Outmoded performance indicators
    Your performance indicators are obsolete...
  • 2. New performance indicators
    How they have to be now...
  • 3. Different kinds of performance
    In order to run a business you must measure every kinds of performance : shareholders, clients, employees, partners, public, internal processus, information system
  • 4. Customers oriented issues
  • 5. Essential supports for decision-making
    And women and men decide like this
    Gimsi is a methodology top-down and bottom-up...

Part 2 : How to make assessments ?

  • 1. The project
    Managing the project : scale, finality and actors identification...
  • 2. The 10 milestones Performance management road map :
    The GIMSI process in 10 stages
  • 3. Application precautions
    Change management...
  • 4. Performance indicators to manage a project
    Project dashboard


This book presents a practical and concrete approach to define new performance indicators that help decision-makers run their businesses in this age of urgency and uncertainty. Apart from the cost factor, it enables assessments of created values to be made (clients, shareholders, employees, partners, public etc.).
This book covers the entire process to be adopted step by step and stresses the selection of objectives, the choice of key indicators and the implementation of marketing tools.
A complete case study and 150 tables and graphs enhance this decision-making support, which is aimed at users as well as designers. The new edition takes into account the evolution of information systems (portals, CRM, SCM and ERP) and emphasises the specific needs of client-oriented organizations and the case of project management.

The author

Alain Fernandez is a consultant who has worked for several years on improving the integration of technology for human purposes within organizations. He has designed decision-making systems for large as well as small companies. He was also a part-time lecturer for French Universities


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