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SIX SIGMA - Juran Institute's Road map

19 May 2022   By   Share

Juran Institute: a road map for change

Jospef Juran and the Lean Six Sigma

J uran Institute is an organism exclusively devoted to the implementation of quality and client-focused management in the company.
It is notably specialized in lean 6 Sigma and offers Green Belt and Black Belt training courses. Organism bearing the same name as its fonder, Juran Institute was created more than 25 years ago by Joseph Juran, one of the masters in Quality.

A practical guide for implementing Lean Six Sigma

As a matter of interest, Joseph Juran is among others the pioneer of the conceptualization and diffusion of the Pareto principle (law of the 80/20 or how to separate the "vital few" and the "useful many"). He also is the author of several reference books such as Quality Control Handbook. Both Juran Institute current co-leaders, Joseph A. De Feo and William W. Barnard, have published a very interesting book about 6 Sigma and the continuity of the continuous improvement process :

Juran Institute's Six Sigma: Breakthrough and Beyond : Quality Performance Breakthrough MethodsJuran Institute's Six Sigma
Breakthrough and beyond
Quality Performance Breakthrough Methods
Sustaining business performance improvement
Joseph A. De Feo, William W. Barnard
Mc Graw Hill
Prefaced by Joseph Juran, this book, written after a series of seminars in China, tries somewhat to warn companies of the old America and of the even older Europe which improve only too slowly. This book is a practical guide of continuous improvement process implementation. It is composed of the following chapters :

  1. The Predicament
  2. The Basic Tasks of Management: The Juran Trilogy
  3. The Planning Processes
  4. The Control Processes
  5. The Nature of Breakthrough
  6. Breakthroughs in Leadership
  7. Breakthroughs in Organization
  8. Breakthroughs in Current Performance Improvement
    Classic and Six Sigma Dmaic
  9. Breakthroughs in Culture
  10. Breakthroughs in Adaptability
  11. Strategic Quality Planning and Deployment
  12. A Road Map for Change
  13. References
  14. Index

Chapter 12: A Road Map for Change

The whole book is of course of great interest. Otherwise I would never spare it a special chapter of this Six Sigma file.
However the 12th chapter, A Road Map for Change, which concludes this book deserves a moment of attention. Especially if a Green Belt or a Master Black Belt are considered.
This chapter, as shown in its title, offers an eccentric process in the style of a methodological guide, a road map in a way, to pilot change and to make sure that the turn is well taken and that development is on the right track. The authors expound it this way:
Juran road map for change is a systematic (but not prescriptive) approach for going from "here to there".
As mentioned before, the threat of regress is the sword of Damocles of the continuous progress approach. The change must be enduring and a culture based upon the continuous improvement of performance must be established in order to guarantee the alignment of long term objectives with the current development. Juran Institute road map offers a particularly practical guide in 5 independent steps to pilot the change.
  • Step 1: Decide
  • Step 2: Prepare
  • Step 3: Launch
  • Step 4: Display
  • Step 5: Maintain
Here are some of the themes and recommendations developed in this chapter.
  • Collecting the most recent information possible
  • Identify the blocking points and potential problems sources
  • Preparing the change, identifying the most relevant improvement projects to be launched
  • Launching pilot projects
  • Studying the results of the pilot projects
  • Launching the projects
  • Displaying on a large scale
  • Verifying 6 Sigma and strategy alignment
  • Making sure that the processes are still under control and keeping in phase in a matter of productivity with the prior demands
As a conclusion
Global learning naturally leading to a new and more and more pertinent strategic direction. The circle is now complete.


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