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Six Sigma, gains and profits

19 May 2022   By   Share

Six sigma implementation, what are the expected gains?

Cost reduction

Most direct gains:
  • - Reduction of non-quality costs such as discards, taking-back, alterations, customer returns as well as all non-quality inherent problems (wastes of time, miscommunications, process connections...)
  • - Better resources exploitation (processes optimization, optimal use of the machines and other equipments, improvement of cycle times: decrease of functioning cost combined with a better exploitation.)

Income improvement

  • Better clients satisfaction therefore enforced customer loyalty programs, client earnings improvement, market share growth.

Continuous progress

  • Better disposal for launching of large scale projects: new products or new processes.
  • Establishing the management of a culture of measurement

Recommended reading

Six Sigma for Managers introduces you to the fundamental concepts of Six Sigma and provides 24 basic points for spearheading a Six Sigma program in your workplace. Carefully walking you through every phase of a successful Six Sigma initiative, from establishing metrics to sustaining excellence, this results-based handbook shows you how to manage Six Sigma to reduce defects, cut costs, set business metrics, plan an implementation...

Six Sigma for ManagersSix Sigma for ManagersLearn the basics of Six Sigma, Select the best people
and projects, Apply the methodology and tools
Greg Brue
McGraw-Hill Professional


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