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SIX SIGMA Glossary

19 May 2022   By   Partagez

6 Sigma glossary

From a quality approach to a client-focused management

Black Belt
"Black Belt" "BB" is the grade above the Green Belt. Black Belt can supervise the project and manage several "Green Belt". The training is quite consequent.
Process capability. Determines if a process is able to meet the customer expectations.
DFSS Design for Six Sigma. Defines a particular methodology suited to 6 Sigma project development. A DFSS method consists of a road map, specific tools and a suitable training program. Its objective is, of course, to bring the company up to the expected 6 Sigma quality level. It is based upon the DMADV sequence.
DMADV: Define Measure, Analyze, Design, Verify.
DMAIC: Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control. DMAIC is a method which can be considered as a continuous improvement process in its own right. Based upon statistical analyze, it aims for systematic elimination of all non quality sources.
DPMO Defects per Million Opportunities. 6 Sigma unit of measurement. DPMO gives the number of defects per million of produced units. 6 Sigma objectives being not to exceed 3.4 DPMO, that is 3.4 defects per produced units.
Gimsi: A global design methodology of the performance measurement system, particularly suited to cooperatives and continuous improvement processes.
Green Belt
"Green Belt" "GB" is the first level of Six Sigma mastery. Green Belt can play the part of the team leader. He is the "active motor" during a SIX SIGMA project. He is relatively quickly trained.
Master Black belt
"Master Black Belt" "MBB" The "Master Black Belt" "MBB" is a certification which justifies a perfect mastery of Six Sigma. The Master Black Belt must show proof of successful experiences as a Black Belt and attend a complementary training. He is able to run a Six Sigma project at the level of the company.
SPC Statistical Process Control. Use of statistical tool to study the produced data in order to define process capability and performance.

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