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Six Sigma methodology into practice

19 May 2022   By   Partagez
Six Sigma methodology was born a few years ago within Motorola USA. Successfully taken up by important companies such as General Electric, 6 Sigma has matured to become a global management and strategic development method.

From a quality approach to a client-focused management

From now on, its contributions concern business establishments as well as service corporations.

Six Sigma Dossier

What is Six Sigma methodology?

6 Sigma is not only a Statistical Process Control application anymore. It is a global management method that puts drastic variability limitation as the highest priority.

Origins of Six Sigma ?

Originally, 6 Sigma is a quality process born at the heart of Motorola.

Six Sigma profit?

What are the expecting incomes of the implementation of Six Sigma Methodogy? In the first place, non-quality reduction such as discards, returns and alterations shall be taken in amongst direct earnings. 6 Sigma and the lean management.

Six Sigma principle

What is the principle of Six Sigma? 6 Sigma offers methods and tools in order to improve drastically the process capability, reducing defects at the same time.

Six Sigma, DMAIC methodology

DMAIC methodology, a 5 steps approach: Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control. For certain cases, DMADV methodology should be used.

Six Sigma Project

6 Sigma project: the culture of measurement. Six Sigma is not an approach aimed for the punctual improvement of an uncertain point. It's a fundamental reform of the whole organization and mentalities.

Six Sigma glossary

Six Sigma terminology such as Black Belt, Capability, DFSS, DPMO, Green Belt, SPC, lean management.

Six Sigma Roadmap

Juran Institute's Six Sigma Roadmap. Juran Institute is an organism solely devoted to the implementation of quality and customer orientation within the company, Green Belt and Black Belt formations.

Six Sigma books

A book selection about 6 Sigma methodology and its implementation into practice. How to become a Green Belt and a Black Belt.

Six Sigma websites

Websites selection about 6 sigma methodology and the lean management. How to become a Green Belt and a Black Belt.


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