Balanced Scorecard and The GIMSI® Method (Part 4)

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The Ten Steps of the GIMSI® Method, a French Tableau de Bord

GIMSI method consists of 4 main phases divided into 10 steps.

Phase 1. Identification
What is the context?

  • Step 1. Environment of the company
    Analysis of the economic environment and business strategy in order to define the area and the impact of the project
  • Step 2. Identification of the company
    Structural analysis of the company to identify the processes, activities and concerned persons

Phase 2. Design
What has to be done?

  • Step 3. Description of the objectives
    Selection of tactic objectives for each team and indicators
  • Step 4. Construction of the dashboard
    Definition of each team's dashboard
  • Step 5. Selection of the indicators
    Choice of indicators according to the objectives
  • Step 6. Collection of information
    Identifying the necessary information to design the indicators
  • Step 7. The Dashboard system
    Design of the dashboard system, control of the global consistency

Phase 3. Implementation
How to do it?

  • Step 8. The choice of the software
    Development of a grid for selecting the appropriate software
  • Step 9. Integration and Deployment
    Implementation of software packages, deployment in the company

Phase 4. Continuous Improvement
Does the system always respond to expectations?

  • Step 10. Audit
    Continuous monitoring of the system

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