Gimsi methodology main phases

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Description of GIMSI methodology

GIMSI method consists of 4 main phases and 10 steps

1. Identification

What is the context ?
  • Step 1
    Identification of the company in its context (market, strategy)
  • Step 2
    And in its structures (trades, process)

2. Conception

What has to be done ?
  • Steps 3 and 4
    Choosing pertinent key performance indicators according to strategy, process and men (comprehensive methodology for choosing goals and indicators)
  • Steps 5 and 6
    Building key performance indicators and Collecting data
  • Step 7
    Building the cooperative performance dashboard system

3. Implementation

How to do it ?
  • Step 8
    Choosing software package best adapted to the performance measurement in the company (comprehensive methodology)
  • Step 9
    Integrating and displaying the decisional system in the company (ERP, Intranet, Groupware...)

4. Permanent improvement

Does the system always correspond to our expectations ?
  • Step 10
    Checking continuously the balance between the decisional system and the decision makers' needs

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