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Six Sigma methodology into practice

19 May 2022   By   Partagez


Which method to use?

The 5 steps of the DMAIC methodology

The 5 basic steps of the method. Each one of the letters forming the acronym D.M.A.I.C. is the initial of the significant function of the corresponding step.

The 5 steps

  • D for Define

    What is the problem?
    Defining the customers needs, specifying the objectives to reach and defining the parameters of the project. "Define" is the first step of this method. It allows to define the perimeter of the project, the expectations, the needs and the necessary lead times.

  • M for Measure

    What is the considered process capability?
    Collect representative data, measure the performance, identify the progress areas. Valuation of the current performance and its variation (tendency, cycle...).
  • A for Analyze

    When, where and how defects occur?
    Use of analytical and statistical tools to identify the causes of problems. At this stage of development of the method, problems must be understood to be able later on to formulate the solutions which are likely to fill the gap between the current situation and the objectives of the clients.
  • I for Improve

    What are the solutions for improvement and how to put them into practice in order to reach performance objectives?
    Identification and implementation of solutions to avoid the aforesaid problems. This particularly important step can be developed in several steps for certain specific cases. This in order to take the time to test and validate the most appropriate solutions.
  • C for ontrol

    How to pilot key variables to maintain and preserve the advantage?
    Follow-up of solutions already set up. It is important to avoid any regress. On the other hand, the outcomes are not always immediately visible. The effort must be maintained or even reoriented. There lays the most delicate step, peculiar to all approach to continuous progress. The regress is an all times threat. Maintaining the effort necessarily goes through the establishment of a generalized culture of measurement.

Using Six Sigma Methods

  • Comment 1
    DMADV method should be used to establish new processes. This method, quite similar to DMAIC, is composed of the following steps : Define, Measure, Analyze, Design, Verify.
    Design step : defines in detail the process in order to be in perfect compatibility with the clients' expectations.
    Verify step: verifies that performance and capacity satisfy the requirements of the objectives and the clients' expectations.
    Please note that there are other methods as well as other variants.
  • Comment 2
    6 Sigma isn't limited to production process. By extension, this necessity of regularity turns out to be profitable for many other company domains. Thus 6 Sigma can be displayed with the usual precautions within service corporations such as insurance companies, banks, call centers...
  • Comment 3
    Data collect pertinence, measurement quality and precision in management are key points for the good development of the method. Cooperation of all the employees is also one of the success key. Systematic training of the whole staff concerned by the current project is indeed a precondition.


  • Objective
    Improve to the maximum the regularity of the client quality.
  • Aim
    Increase significantly the incomes.
  • Implementation financing
    Particularly high, but proportional to the expected results when the project is correctly carried out.


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