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The Essentials of the Executive Dashboard (1)

19 May 2022   By   Share

Build in five steps your Executive Dashboard with Microsoft Excel ®

The Essentials of the Executive Dashboard

This reference book, Essentials of the Executive Dashboard, is meant for management controllers and project managers, as well as a wider audience of decision-makers.

Content : The Essentials of the Executive Dashboard


The methodology suggested in this book uses the most recent principles of designing executive dashboards to adapt them to the managers needs.
Rapidity and completion at low cost are the two top priorities.
Written by the author of the reference book on the subject, this practical guide will bring to the reader :
  • A methodology to design an executive dashboard in 5 steps and 14 tools
  • Keys to build a dashboard with Microsoft Excel ® in 5 phases and 14 practical sheets
  • All the examples as well as a full executive dashboard are available on the dedicated website of the author,
  • Invaluable points of reference with a list of Questions/Answers

A chronicle about performance, complex projects, decision-making or not and about decision help shown in a rather wide dimension : real-life experience, fundamental thoughts, concepts into practice, technology, new tools and methods in action.


As a projects manager, expert or consultant, Alain Fernandez lived on the inside through the evolution of the enterprise projects during the last 20 years in France and in Europe. During his career, he trained many projects managers. Nowadays he is an international consultant. He also wrote several books.

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