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Business Intelligence Decision Support System

19 May 2022   By   Share

Collecting, Stocking, Distributing and Exploiting

Collecting: ETL tools (Extract Transform and Load)

Collecting, cleaning and consolidating data of the Extended Enterprise Company.
Data collect is a function fulfilled by a family of tools known as ETL for Extract Transform Load. The company information system was not built in one day.
The main part of the information system is heterogeneous. Although standardization of exchanges between various computer tools is striding, the disparity of data formats is still a reality. It is the main technological gap to extended data exchanges.

The data should be formatted...

Before being useable, the data should be formatted, cleaned and consolidated. ETL tools allow to automate these processes and to manage data flows supplying the storage bases : Data Warehouse or Datamart.
Note that Meta data system like Common Warehouse Metamodel (CWM) keeps accurate characteristics about the data, in other words data about data.

Stocking: Data Warehouse and Datamart

The enterprise database system can't be used for a decisional exploitation. The data are not ready for this use. In addition decisional requests are costly for machine resources.
The data, first cleaned and consolidated, are stocked in a specialized base : Data Warehouse or Data mart.

Data mart is a Data Warehouse's smaller version. Datamart is directed towards the subject or the theme and can be, for example, used for CRM (Custom Relationship Management) or Data Mining applications.
Data Warehouse or Datamart are supplied by ETL tool. Note, that the Data Warehouse project is quite particular. It is preferable to consider it as a process. Data Warehouse is indeed in perpetual evolution.

Distributing information: EIP Enterprise Information Portal

Empowerment and increase of the decision making points alter fundamentally the information management. Information will be perceived as a flow and not as a stock unit. In order to revitalize global reactivity, the information will be widely distributed to the partners set. EIP Enterprise Information Portal, fulfill this main role.

Exploiting: Dashboards, KPI, OLAP, data mining...

Once data are stocked, cleaned, consolidated and accessible, they are useable. According to the needs, various kinds of extraction and exploitation tools can be considered:
  • Analyze the data with OLAP tools for multidimensional analysis
  • Look for little visible correlations with Data Mining
  • Assist the decision-maker in situation, with dashboards exposing Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Communicate the performance with Reporting
Main Open Source products, Pentaho, Spago, BEE and also Marvel-IT, are global projects covering the whole decisional chain.


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