Measure perspectives

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What has to be measured ?

In order to lead efficiently the actual reactive company, we must keep sight of the 7 following measurement perspectives which are the client, the shareholders, the partners, the employees, the public, the internal processes and quality system and the information system.


Success of companies necessarily goes through client's satisfaction...


...but companies need money...


...and companies don't work alone but cooperate with the actors of the economic world...


...Although reactivity and quality of rendered services are the two keys of modern industry, women and men of the company are those who hold them...


...In any case, responsible ethics have to be carefully kept in every situation...

Internal processes and quality system

...Let's no forget what we are, what we do and how we do it...

Information system

...This is the keystone of the integrated company. Viability of the supply-chain is conditioned by the pertinence and quality of informations exchanged, from the client to the last supplier.

Is it a new version of squaring the circle question?

Certainly not, because in companies, the cult of an only decision-maker tends to disappear. The seven main lines won't be placed in only one performance dashboard. Decisions have to be viewed as a cooperative process where each one acts in its own area of competence and prerogatives. Each person in charge will follow on his performance dashboard one or several main lines concerning it. It's globally at company level that performance for the whole main lines will be estimated.

How to measure

I invite you to refer to the GIMSI methodology as well as the reference book, Les nouveaux tableaux de bord des managers, road map of the project, in which a precise description of distinctive feature of each perspectives is proposed.

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